Hi, I'm Alex. That's me on the right. I'm basically a 17 year old foodie who's obsessed with being healthy. And eating. At the same time. I love cooking delicious, healthy meals that are nutritious and taste amazing. I am constantly being inspired by tastes of different cultures and taking on the challenge of making traditional, comfort foods healthy. As for my other food-related hobby, baking, well that's a little more complicated. I come up with new light, healthy treats everyday, but I will never stop baking (for real), even if I don't eat what I make. Yeah, it sounds crazy, right? Make all this delicious food but don't eat it? But for me, that's not what baking is about. I love creating pretty cakes, cinnamon rolls, and cookie trays for the happiness of everyone around me, even if I don't taste it myself. I started this blog for a chance to give my friends, family and anyone else an easier way to access all the recipes they beg me for and hopefully help a few eat healthier along the way. So that's my story. My blog will give you a chance to experience new, delicious recipes that are good for you, but will also show you some of the best deserts you will ever taste. Have fun, keep an open mind, and never eat a boring meal again:)