Best Popcorn

When I'm searching for a snack I always end up at the same place: my popcorn maker. Quite frankly I'm in love. I try not to think about the day when I go to college and have to leave my precious baby behind. I probably make popcorn a least three times a week and I haven't used the microwave in a few years, thanks to my popper. This popcorn is delicious, addicting, and best of all extremely nutritious. It's full of fiber, iron, vitamins, calcium and even protein. It's filling and very low in calories, making it my go to snack. People beg for this popcorn once they taste it and once you make it, you'll know why.


1/4 Cup popcorn kernels

Popcorn seasonings- Act II buttery popcorn salt, Kernel Seasons popcorn seasoning


Make popcorn in popper using a few drops of oil (that's all you need). If you don't have a popper, put popcorn in a pot on the stove top with a few drops of oil. Cover with a lid and stir until popcorn begins popping. When the popping stops, remove from pot. Season first with a small (it's potent) amount of Act II buttery popcorn salt. Mix. Spray popcorn with cooking spray and coat with your choice of Kernal Seasons seasoning (my favorite is White Cheddar). Toss popcorn, spray, and add more Kernal Seasons. 


Use Kernal Seasons Nacho Cheese or Garlic Parmesan 

Sprinkle with Truvia, Cinnamon, and sugar free maple syrup for a sweet treat


  1. I'm with you! I couldn't live life without my popcorn! I will be trying this one for sure!

  2. Where can I buy the Act 2 popcorn salt? I haven't been lucky enough to find it anymore. I orginally bought it from Sam's Club.