Cut Out Cookies

When it was time for my Brother's Graduation party, I knew it was the perfect chance to try my hand at decorating cut out cookies. The cookies came out better than I could have hoped, and I had a ton of fun experimenting with the tie-dye. Since the party, I've had a few requests to make cookies for other occasions and I decided to make some for my coach after she had her first baby girl. 

The cookies I use are lightly almond flavored and delicious. They were practically attacked at the Grad party. I almost felt bad for the cake. You can find the recipe I use here  and a tutorial of how to frost cut outs here. 

To tie-dye, you simply have to pipe a border like a normal cookie, drop different colors into various places around the cookie, and drag a tooth pick from color to color, making designs as you wish. For example, if you filled a cookie with white and dropped a few blue drops in a row on top of the white, you can drag a toothpick in a straight line across the drops to make heart shapes. Be creative!



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