The Only Way to Eat Chili

My mom makes the best chili. Hands down. (Alright, alright MY favorite chili). It's the perfect blend of everything that makes delicious chili; the spices, the beans, the tomatoes, the mushrooms...I could go on forever. Unfortunately, that recipe is still in the a hand full of this a pinch of that format. Next time we make chili we will be measuring out the ingredients so I can post the recipe. But in the meantime, I will be sharing the ultimate secret on how to maximize your chili enjoyment. And here it is (drum roll please) : a PB&J sandwich. Yup. That's it. Who would have guessed? I can remember the first time my mom forced me to try this heavenly combo. And I remember my skepticism. I couldn't have been more wrong. There's something about the sweetness of the sandwich that balances out the tartness of the tomatoes that creates perfection. Every time I try to convince someone new to try dunking a PB&J sandwich in their chili, I get the same reaction: disgust, followed by extreme skepticism, and hopefully (with an hour or so of convincing) a feeble promise to try it the next time the opportunity presents itself. And when that opportunity does come along, and they try this amazing duo, they eat their words. Along with the best bowl of chili they've ever had. Ever since my first PB&J/chili experience, I haven't been able to eat a bowl of chili alone. Its like it's naked or something. I'm begging you people, try it once and you will be converted. 

Best Way to Eat Chili


Peanut Butter


2 slices of bread 


an open mind


Make your best PB&J sandwich. Grab a bowl of chili. Dunk. Eat. Be amazed. 

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  1. Its the only way to eat chili! Me and my family have been doing this since I was a child and now my 3 year old eats it as well. Anybody that I tell this to looks at me in disgust and they are like thats so nasty and nobody will try it!