Spicy Chicken Bowl

So this recipe may seem a little strange. But I love it. Whenever I got to one of my friends house, I always see her brother eating the same thing. I mean for every meal, five times a day, every day. He's buff, healthy, and addicted to working out. I was curious one time so I had him make me one. It was so good! (Which was kind of a bummer because I always made fun of him for it) This is definitely not a gourmet dinner, but it is a fast healthy, and tasty lunch anytime.

Spicy Chicken Bowl


Brown Rice

Boneless, skinless chicken breast (or rotisserie chicken)

Frank's Red Hot Sauce

Fat Free or Light Mexican cheese blend

Cook rice according to directions. You can cook a bunch and leave it in the fridge along with extra chicken, or just make a little for one serving. If you are cooking your own chicken, put a few pieces in a slow cooker in the morning on low and they will be done when you get home. If you're not this organized (like me) you can pan fry them, boil them, or stick them in the microwave for a few minutes with some water. Shred the chicken and place roughly the same amount of rice and chicken in a bowl. Add hot sauce to taste (I like a lot) and top with some cheese. Put it all in the microwave for Minuteman until the cheese is nice and melty. 

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  1. Yum! I made this for dinner tonight as a casserole and can't wait to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow!